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Core Aeration

Aeration is one of the most overlooked lawn maintenance jobs there is.  It involves removing plugs of soil roughly 2-3" long which allows air, water in the soil.  It reduces thatch buildup and soil compaction.  It encourages deeper root growth for your turf, it is one of the first steps in making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. 

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Nowadays Overseeding is one of the best ways to improve your lawns appearance, health, and fight insects and diseases.  Without the use of chemicals we had in the past for getting rid of weeds, overseeding is one of the easier ways homeowners can help get their lawn weed free and healthy.  It encourages a thick lawn with the proper seed for the right area (Shade, Shade/Sun, Full Sun).  With keeping the soil good and moist for the first few weeks you'll see an amazing improvement. 

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Power Edging

Power Edging is one of the easiest ways to improve curb appeal.  If your looking to sell your house or simply just want to spice up the front yard a bit.  Power edging your lawn will have a instant improvement to the way you see your property.  With regular trimming it can be maintained and touched up once a year.  Prices vary based upon the sidewalk as it is presently, they vary based on how many feet of edging is requested and requires seeing it in person for a price.



Fertilization is the first step in improving your lawn's overall health.  Fertilizing at least three times a year will encourage growth, thickness, root growth, and disease resistance to your lawn.  At Nathan's Lawn Maintenance we only use organic fertilizer's which are healthy for the environment, full of organic material which improves your soil with each use.  Being a slow release fertilizer it's very hard to overfertilize or hurt any of your plants.  Organic Fertilizing is the way we believe we can get you lawn looking beautiful this year.  

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