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Pruning of plants and shrubs through various times in the year.  Pruning encourages growth and thickness in plants.  We aim to do pruning jobs in the spring and fall. We can do hedges to the smallest of bushes anything over 8ft we try to avoid. 

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Spring Cleanups

Spring Cleanups consists of de-thatching lawns, cleaning up leaves that have come back from all areas, and also the first cut of the year.  We generally try to schedule these into April based off of weather conditions.  This service will allow your grass and gardens to get air water and the proper nutrients to get them off to a great year.  Prices vary a lot with Spring Cleanups and require an onsite quote.


Fall Cleanups

Fall Cleanups consist of cleaning all areas of leaves, deadstocking perennials.  When it comes to fall cleanups we try to get rid of all leaves based upon weather conditions.  We generally get rid of the bulk of the leaves with weekly maintenance added on to our weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance.

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